My first time at Biophysical Conference.

2015, Baltimore ….my first time at Biophysical Conference meeting and telling truly, one of the best conferences that I have ever been too. There is so much going on at this place that you are not bound to waste even a single minute. The best thing here is that I don’t have to sit in the same auditorium and hear talks about the same topics. There so many simultaneous sessions going on and I can pick whichever interests me the most. Not only we have various sessions, but there so many workshops for career advancement, be it academia or industry , grant writing , tips on getting your paper published and the list just goes on…… . And to top it all, you can meet the best scientists in the world, hear their ideas and their talks about their research and talk to them on a one to one basis. For sure, this is continuing to be one of my best experiences I have ever had with so much wealth and depth of knowledge. So everybody, be sure to make the best of this opportunity.